Windows specific Install

Installing Node

Click the here to visit the node downloads.. Select the LTS windows installer, download and follow the install instructions.

Debugging errors

If you get an object has been destroyed error. To fix this, make sure all "scottbotv1" processes are closed in task manager.

Adding a shortcut to desktop for the bot

All done automatically now.


TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

This is due to a authentication server timeout ban, please refrain from opening the software too many times in a short period of time or you risk this, as the server sees it as an attacker. To bypass this, wait 45~ minutes or, activate the product on a VPN, which can be found on Google for free.

Invalid Request, try again

This is due to the server that you have the software set up on attempting to change the actual softwares product signatures, please turn off windows security and then attempt again. Tested server providers include: AWS, Vultr will not work with the software. Make sure that the Windows version you are using is Windows 2016.

General Key Error

Try sending a deactivate command via the discord, this is usually caused by an error of having different pc info stored in our servers vs your pcs info. It could also be due to a different key being in your settings.json file, than the one that you are starting the bot up with.

Object has been destroyed

Use the sbkiller link here or in the discord to kill the bot in the task manager and launch a new instance, this is to curb running of multiple instances on one machine.

Cannot read taskProfile / cardProfile of undefined

You may have accidentally deleted a profile or a card that is attached to a task. Double check to see.

Error tunneling socket cannot be established / tunneling esockettimeout

Your proxies are more than likely bad, and are not working correctly on the site that you are attempting to use them on, or at all.


85% of applications in this software will not require any proxies at all so please before attempting to purchase proxies, figure out first if you need proxies, get a vpn run some tasks on a certain delay, no ban, add more tasks or lower the delay, still no ban? Run that on local network, without the VPN. There is alot of VPN's that are free to use, and have decent amount of bandwidth, just use Google to help get you started.

Adding new proxies

Click the Load magical ip changers button. Select a text file from the directory (must be line by line, one proxy per line).

Deleting old proxies

Click the unload (x) proxies button. Select yes, from the slidedown menu to remove the proxies.

Can I use proxies on one tasks and no proxies on another?

Currently no, unless you set up using task proxies on each individual task and then leave a task blank, you cannot load proxies list in the settings file and then run any tasks with out a proxy.

How does the bot use proxies?

The bot currently uses the proxies sequentially, and there is no task specific proxy method currently. Every time a request is made, the bot will request that the next proxy be used, until it loops, and then repeats.

Issues adding proxies

Json load error
This is caused by invalid characters in the text file submission when selecting proxies. To fix it you must edit the proxies.json file from inside the /applications/ folder. Input proxies from text file into here, and then copy everything into the proxies.json file and save.

Proxy save error
This is caused by usually, invalid permissions on the proxies.json, navigate to it from the url path above, and then change the file permissions so that the bot can edit the proxy file.


Most sites will not need proxies and you can safely run a 1000 or lower, shopify is strictly 3000 plus PER task, so if you have two tasks you would need a 6000 delay. This is why people use proxies, I would recommend, PapaJohns proxies from the discord. If they are sold out also has decently nice and cheap proxies (they offer promos alot also on their twitter)


Setting up captcha

You no longer have to set up the captcha or change the host file, this is all configured automatically.

Triggering captcha for tasks

The good news is, we dont require a captcha true permission on the task. Captcha will automatically pop up when it is needed.

Getting one clicks

Navigate to the settings panel, click the middle icon (login button) under the resource slider. This will show a google login (assuming that you aren't logged in currently. Login to a google account (school accounts are very good to use). You should be all set. If you want to really make sure that you get one clicks, prior to release, click the youtube icon in the settings panel and watch youtube videos until the release. Certain sites like disney purposely will make near impossible captcha and you might not get one clicks even doing this.

Disolve api support

Unfortunately, dylan has not reached out to the disolve owner, you can on his behalf if you so choose.


The bot will auto click the checkbox for you. If you have picture captchas, you will obviously still have to solve them successfully, but if you get one clicks, the bot will fully automate the process and you will not need to be at the computer to auto solve multiple captchas in a row.

Mass Task

General Usage

To change all tasks to a certain link, use the link icon found on the top bar by the save tasks, start tasks button. Link change will only work on supported sites. It will also not work on already started tasks currently (as you cannot restart them).


Please use the format${link} to trigger a redirect to the users bot.



Profiles import export is extremely easy, navigate to the top icons (which are located in the top right next to the 'Delete All' button).

To export your profiles out of the bot, click the little square icon with an arrow that is pointing out. This will then trigger a save dialog, choose your save destination and press save.

To import profiles, make sure that you have saved the correct file type, which is.csv. Click the icon that looks like a flat line with an arrow pointing down, a choose file dialog will pop up, navigate to your file and press open. All your profiles should populate!


Tasks import/export features are not currently available on the bot, but might be coming in the future!

Editing Import Sheets

When making changes to an exported sheet that was created by Scottbotv1 software, if using macbook numbers app, make sure that changed values such as any cvv with a trailing zero or a zero at the front of the number have been formatted correctly by adjusting the individual cells to make the text instead of numbers.

Mass Pid

General Usage

Press the little hash tag right next to the mass link button


Please use the format${sitename lowercase}/${pid} to trigger a redirect to the users bot.

Quick Task

General Usage

Go to the profiles tab to select a default profile to create new tasks with and then you will be all set to use the bot.


Please use the format${link} to trigger a redirect to the users bot.


Creating new profile

To get started in creating a file, click on the profiles tab, the user icon, then click on the top right add profile button. Next fill in the shipping information, if your shipping and billing information are the same, click the checkbox below address #2. To save this profile and then retain information filed in the profile creator, click the create new + retain button. To save this profile then wipe the profile creator fields, click the create new + clear button

Deleting Profile

To delete an individual profile, please navigate to the profiles panel, click the little x icon by the edit icon to delete the task. Confirm the deletion by pressing the yes button when the slide down confirmation appears.

Duplicating a Profile

To duplicate a profile, go to the profiles tab; locate the profile that you would to make a copy of, click the double box icon that is located next to the star button in the top right.

Deleting all profiles

To delete all profiles, please navigate to the profiles panel, click the delete profiles button right next to the create profile button. Confirm deletion by clicking yes when the confirmation message pops up.

Editing profiles

Editing is currently disallowed.


Deactivate from bot.

Visit the settings panel, select the deactivate bot button, click the yes to accept, and you can now use the bot on another machine.

Deactivate from discord.

You will need to send a message to the user that you use to bind the key to named scottbotv1 on Discord. Then just type !deactivate no trailing words or letters, it does not need your key, and hit send. You should get confirmation, "Key deactivated :D"


Kw monitoring

Minimal Kw support has been added. To use please visit the site list below and check if it is supported. to use, select kw mode and then enter in all lower case and seperated by commas, the positive and negative keywords. Currently the bot only picks up new items, not old. An example kw string might be "+dbz,+funko,+pop,-tshirt". The bot will not checkout a new item with any negative string in it, but only needs two of the words to checkout with positive keywords.

Pid usage

Please check the feature list below before using this method. Also, only use this if u understand it, a pid is usually the numbers at the end of the link.

Account Support

Please check the feature list below before using this method.

Coupon support

Please check the feature list below before using this method.

Task specific proxies

No support currently, coming soon.


Only one thru ten, only can use 1 on funkoshop.

Deleting all tasks

To delete all tasks, navigate to the task list using the navigation menu. Click the Delete all button next to the start all button or the stop tasks button. Click the yes to confirm that you would like to delete all tasks.

Deleting a single task

To delete a single task click the x icon on the specific task that you would like to delete. important: currently, deleting a task will also stop it.

Editing a task

Task editing isn't currently recommended, but is available (very buggy)

Selecting and deleting multiple tasks

To multi select delete, hold the control button, command button + click on the tasks. Then hit the delete selected button.


Initial set-up

Webhooks do not automatically work, please refer to the platform which you have a group on to get started in setting up webhooks to your own personal client.


This is assuming that you have an existing slack group which you have administrator access to, to see how to make a slack webhook please click here.


This is also assuming that you have an existing discord in which you have access to and can create webhooks. Please click here to view the tutorial.


To test your webhook press the save button at the top right after entering it in the bot, then press the test button by the webhook to see if it is successfully posting to discord or slack.

Delays / Bans


The only sites that have ban issues is shopify (temporary timeouts if too many requests), and target.

Recommended Delays.

Please click here for shopify modules / funkoshop. Everything else runs safely at 1000-3000, there is never a need to have your delay below 500ms no matter how many proxies you have as it doesnt really give you that much of an advantage and will bog your machine down.


Front end tasks

Very small logs, only for quick decyphering, please never refer to this message in discord if problems arise. Always, refer to the second method, mentioned below.


Click the icon right next to the start all button or the stop all button, (not the link icon). This will slide up a mini terminal in the bot. To show a mod you logs just click the copy to clipboard button, then navigate to, paste the logs in and the press the save button.



This feature has been added!

How do I update?

The bot will automatically search for an update every 15 minutes. If an update has been pushed and notified in the Discord channel, please navigate to the settings tab, which is the cog icon, and then press the Check for Update button.

How do i know if my update is current?

To check the most current update, visit your email and then click the downloads button, under your key will be the most current download version available

Wheres windows?

We now support windows, but note that it is buggy and the certain features are not garanteed to work with this platform quicktasks, masslinks, any module that uses a browser.

Other features

Low resource mode

To activate, low resource mode, click the slider in the settings panel. This will stop the css3 background animations, and help conserve a little bit of ram. This is saved even when the bot is closed and then opened again.

Shopify fast cart

To quick cart or jig cart if invalid inventory error, just enter${variant}:1. This will work on any shopify site besides, kith + eflash.

Password Shopify

Passord support has been moved from the back of the settings panel to an automatic popup if needed, just enter the pass when it pops up and it will set the password.

Dragging / Moving window

To drag or move the window location, just click and drag the window from the bottom logo.

Dark Mode

To toggle dark mode, click the top logo icon, this cannot be untoggled unless the bot is closed and then opened again.

Hottopic Wishlist

Hottopic currently supports wishlist checkouts and to use just paste in as the link, and use link mode.

Stackable hottopic Hotcash

To use multiple hottopic hotcash, enter them in the coupon box seperated by a ; when creating a new task.