Scottbotv1 LLC, which is referred to in this document also as, "We", "Scottbotv1", "software".


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Scottbotv1, will refund orders ONLY under special circumstances, all other refund reasons or attempted methods of obtaining a refund are considered null and fraudulent. Special circumstances are defined as A and B clauses, elaborated below, and all refunds must match the criteria for both of said clauses:

A. It has been under 30 days since the purchase date of the bot.

B. The bot has NOT retained major functionality, under 50% of the software is non-working. Non-working is defined as not able to checkout (purchase an item with the software) on said certain website, under non stress scenarios; non stress scenarios, are defined as a website with full retained functionality (no load times exceeding 10 seconds, or no error messages in pages of checkout)


The discord access is a voluntary courtousy provided, discord access is by no means part of the product, and access to discord, can be revoked, or removed at anytime, for any reason, and for any circumstance. Discord is not intended as an advice or reselling platform, the sole purpose being support and feedback from other users in the community, who have also purchased the software, scottbotv1, and the creator. Discord is in no way intended to be an inclusion to scottbotv1, or a source of advice pertaining to items purchased with the software.


Chargebacks, or unauthorized bank transactions are considered automatically fraudulent in nature, and will not be honored. We reserve the right to revoke access to the software immediately, pending a chargeback claim. A user will not have access to the product in the future, no matter how the case is decided. Refunds will only be offered to the consumer under the refund clauses that are listed above, both clauses are mandatory (see section REFUNDS).


Any users seen to attempt, or Scottbotv1 is made aware of attempts, to reverse engineer, replicate, adapt, change or tweak, or redistubute for own sale of the software in anyway, will be revoked access from Scottbotv1 software, pending legal action.


Scottbotv1, is not intended for the use of reselling, or scalping of products that are purchased with the software. Reselling / scalping defined in this case as: purchasing of products with scottbotv1 software, in order to sell through secondary sources, and sell for less than or more than their face value depending on demand. Scottbotv1 software's intended use is for collectors to aquire products only. Creators of scottbotv1 reserve the right to cancel, or remove all access to any user to be found in violation of this rule.


All current users that have purchased the software before the date of June 15th, 2019, will have access to the software until June 15th, 2020; On this date all copies purchased prior to June 15th, 2019 will become non-functional and become subject to a 1 year renewal. All copies bought after June 15th, 2019 will be subjected to renewal fees, which will occur one year from the purchase date. Renewal fees are subject to change, and may be re-adjusted as seen fit, such changes to renewal fee policy will be addressed, and made aware to the best of Scottbotv1's extent to the software holders atleast 30 days before changes will take effect.

Current users of the software will have 90 days from the expiration date listed in their settings to re-enroll and re-new software, before deactivation of software keys will go into effect. If a user of the software chooses to not re-enroll or re-new, before 90 days from the expiration date, the users software product key will be removed from our database and the user will no longer have access to the product.


1 year long renewals are priced at $140 dollars. Renewal fees are not automatically billed to the customers billing and customers will be given the option to either opt-in or opt-out of billing.

In purchasing this software, scottbotv1, you must agree and accept that you also acknowledge these terms as they are stated, and that you, the buyer, also known as the purchaser in this agreement, have read this agreement to the best of your ability.